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Trigger Off-Canvas Content using any HTML Element

PowerPack Off-Canvas Content provides an option to use HTML ID & Classes as triggers which can be used to trigger Off-Canvas Content using any element on the site. Let us see how this feature can be used to trigger Off-Canvas Content using multiple elements.

Step 1: Add Custom Class to Off-Canvas Content#

a. Add Off-Canvas Content Widget to the editor and select Toggle > Toggle Source > Element Class

b. Now add a custom class to it.

c. Copy this class as we'll use it to trigger Off-Canvas Content.

Step 2: Add CSS Class to the Widget#

For example: Triggering Off-Canvas Content using Button#

1. Add Off-Canvas Content's CSS class to Button > Advanced > CSS Classes

2. Publish the page and click on the link to trigger the Off-Canvas Content

Screen Recording 2020-03-13 at 04.34 pm.gif

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