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Posts Widget For Elementor

Display your posts beautifully and create impressive blog layouts with the Elementor Posts Widget by PowerPack Addons.

Elementor Posts Widget

Showcase Blog Posts In Attractive Layouts With Elementor Posts Widget

With the Elementor Post Widget by PowerPack Addons, you can create impressive blog layouts and can customize your display of posts the way you want using the Elementor editor. 

First Ever Elementor Posts Widget With Integrated Live Search

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Pre-Built Skins To Help You Get Started

Choose the skin type that suits your website looks. PowerPack Elementor Posts widget comes with multiple skin types that you can use to create an awesome blog pages. You can choose from Classic, Card, Creative, Event, News, Overlap, and Portfolio.  

Create Your Custom Skin Layout

Elementor Post Widget by PowerPack Addons offers you the option to use any saved template or Elementor widget to be used as a custom skin for the blog posts. So, you can now design the layout with any Elementor widget and use it as a base skin with the Posts Widget. 

The “Saved Template” feature is your life-saver for creating custom layouts!

Elementor Posts Widget: Content tab

Masonry Layout
With Elementor Posts Widget

Display posts on your Elementor websites in a beautiful masonry layout using the PowerPack Posts Widget.

  • All
  • Accessories
  • Delfina
  • Duplo Sofa
  • Leather Bags
  • Life
  • Luxurious Sofas
  • Random
  • Shopping Bags
  • Sofas
  • Travel
  • Watches
  • Wing Chairs

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Display Blogs In A Stylish Carousel Layout

Getting bored with the simple-looking post grid list style? Now showcase posts on your Elementor sites in an interactive carousel layout.

Custom Query Option

Display Custom Post Type

Post Widget for Elementor allows you to display a post with custom-defined parameters such as custom post type, category, author, etc.

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Post Filters & Pagination Feature For Blogs

Add filters and enable pagination to improve the user experience on your website blog page. PowerPack Post Widget gives you the flexibility to choose the type of pagination and set filters based on categories and tags.

Learn More! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Posts Widget For Elementor

Do you offer pre-built layout styles?

Yes Elementor post widget offers a pre-built layout styles, you can choose from various skin types such as Card, Event, etc.

Can I create a custom layout style?

Yes, you can use a custom layout. Post widget for Elementor allows you to change the number of columns and posts easily.

Can I use Posts widget with Custom Post Types?

Yes, you can use a custom layout. Elementor Post widget by PowerPack allows you to change the number of columns and posts easily.

Do I need any coding skills to add a custom query?

No, the predefined custom options present in the elementor post widget give you the flexibility to made changes without writing a single line of code

Control The Overall Look Of The Posts Grid With Elementor Posts Widget

PowerPack Posts widget is loaded with innumerable customization options that give you full control over the content, look, alignment, and style properties of the posts. Get all these advanced features in a single WordPress plugin.

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