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How to add Amazing Effects to the Links on your site using Elementor and PowerPack?

Add Links on your Site using Elementor Link Effects Widget

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Do you want to make your links look stylish and add amazing effects to your webpage? Introducing the Link Effects Elementor widget for you. Adding innovative links to your webpage is now easier than ever.

The Link Effects widget in PowerPack is an excellent way to make the links on the page more appealing to users without getting bored. PowerPack’s Link Effects widget eliminates the need to use CSS to add animated effects to the links, thus reducing the time required to build your webpage. By using the Link Effects widget, you can make the links more creative, turning your audience’s attention to your page and making them click on the links. This encourages visitors to explore more on your site. 

Now let’s understand how to use the Link Effects widget with the help of a detailed tutorial.

Display Amazing Link Effects on your site with PowerPack’s Link Effects Widget

In order to use the Link Effects widget, we will have to add it to any page on the site. Before moving further, please make sure you have installed and activated these two plugins:

Elementor: Get Elementor
PowerPack Addons for Elementor: Get PowerPack

Create a New Page in Elementor 

  • To create a new page, please head over to WordPress Dashboard > Pages > Add New
Elementor Page Builder
Elementor Page Builder
  • Name the page as “Link Effects” or any. Next, click on “Edit with Elementor” to open the page in Elementor Page Builder.
PowerPack Elementor Link Effects
PowerPack Elementor Link Effects
  • Search for the Link Effects widget in the search bar. Make sure that the widget is with the “PP” icon at the corner. This icon indicates that the widget belongs to PowerPack. Now drag and drop the widget to the page.
PowerPack's Link Effects Widget
PowerPack’s Link Effects Widget

Now that we have added PowerPack’s Link Effects widget to the page, we will make some customizations and styling in the Elementor editor’s content and style tab.

Link Effects Customization in Content Tab

The Content Tab of the Link Effects widget consists of 2 sections: Link Effects & Help Docs.

PowerPack Elementor Link Effects Customization
PowerPack Elementor Link Effects Customization

First, let us have a look at the Link Effects section.

  • Text: Here you need to enter the text on which the link will be embedded. 
  • Link: You can then add the link to the text here. 
  • Effect: Here, you’ll find the list of all the effects that could be applied to your links. You can choose any of the effects from the dropdown.
PowerPack's Link Effects widget
Link Effects Customization
  • Alignment: You can use this option to align the link text to the right, center, or left of the page. 

The next section is Help Docs from where you can find the documentation for the widget.

That’s all about the Link Effect widget’s Content tab. Now let’s move on to the Style Tab and explore the various styling options. 

Link Effects Styling in the Style Tab

When it comes to styling the links, you have various Link Effects options. Let’s look into it one by one.

PowerPack's Link Effects Styling
PowerPack’s Link Effects Styling
  • Typography: You can change the text’s font size, font family, line height, line spacing, and font weight using this option.
  • Link Color: This allows you to change the color of the text in both Normal and Hover modes. You can experience the hover effects when you place the cursor on the text.
  • Background Color: As the name suggests, using this option you can change the background color of the link. 
  • Border Color: Similar to the background color, you can change the Border color of the text using this option.

This was all about the Style tab for PowerPack Elementor’s Link Effects widget.

Wrapping it Up!

Elementor Link Effect Widget

I hope that PowerPack’s Link Effects widget helped you make your link texts look stylish using various customization and styling options. The Link Effects widget is designed for use by both beginners and advanced users. How easy did you find the Link Effects widget to use? What do you use Link Effects on your website for? Just comment below!

You can do a lot more with the PowerPack Addons for Elementor. There are more than 70 creative widgets that you can use to customize your Elementor pages. If you wish to learn more about the PowerPack Addons for Elementor, check here.

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