WooCommerce Checkout Widget

WooCommerce Checkout page comes with a standard styling and isn’t easy to navigate for several users. This could lead to abandoned orders. So, here we have WooCommerce Checkout Widget for Elementor which will help you easily update the styling and layout for the Checkout page. 

Input Fields & Button Styling

Checkout form looks dull and boring. It can also looks confusing if the fields aren’t styled correctly. So, make it easy for your users to enter the data and navigate the fields correctly. Using a clean layout, text contrast and field styling will help you improve the checkout experience for your users. 

Elementor WooCommerce Checkout Widget offers a wide range of styling options for input fields, field labels, buttons, descriptions etc. 

Create a 2 Column Layout

By default, WooCommerce creates a long Checkout page and a lot of useful information about the Cart Items, totals, and payment methods is pushed down the page. This leads to a poor user experience. 

Now, you can use Elementor WooCommerce Checkout widget to create a 2-column layout easily. Check out the video for more details!