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Dual Heading Widget

Make your page headings more interactive with the Dual Heading Widget of PowerPack Addons for Elementor. Highlight headings with different colors, style them with multiple fonts, and add gradients to create eye-catchy titles for your web pages.

Create Winning Headlines with Dual Heading Widget

Get rid of the common & tedious headings! The Dual Heading Widget helps you to design attention-grabbing headlines for your Elementor website. The widget comes with advanced styling features that give you the flexibility to decor your page headings with two different colors, fonts, etc. Click here to see the overview of the Dual Heading Widget.

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Different Color & Fonts To Single Heading

Highlight a particular word of heading by giving it a different color & font. Elementor Heading Widget allows you to add different colors & fonts on a single heading. Using this feature, you can create some stylish & beautiful headings and easily draw your visitors’ attention.

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Interactive Headings With Borders & Gradient Backgrounds

Add borders to your page headlines or pop them out with a stylish gradient background.


Create eye-catching headings on your WordPress websites using the Dual Heading widget of PowerPack Addons for Elementor.

Cool Shadow Effects

Spice up your headings with the cool shadow effects of PowerPack Dual Heading Widget For Elementor. You can add highlight box & text content of the headings by giving it a shadow effect. Moreover, you can also shadow properties such as position, color, blur effect, etc as per your choice.

Introducing Elementor Dual Heading

The Dual Heading widget of PowerPack Addons for Elementor is packed with extensive styling features that help you create appealing headings on your WordPress sites with Elementor.

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