Header Footer Builder for Elementor

Create a header and footer layout for your website using PowerPack and Elementor. Header Footer extension from PowerPack is a good fit for websites that use Elementor Free version.

Header Layout

Create Header Layouts with Elementor & PowerPack

PowerPack for Elementor has a unique “Header” extension that you can use to create a Header layout on any standard page and use it as Header for your website. You can use this with free version of Elementor and without any other plugin. So, PowerPack is your complete toolkit for building Elementor websites.



Create Sticky Header Layout

Need a sticky header for your site? Yes, you can do that as well with PowerPack and Elementor Free version. Create a Header Layout and enable the “sticky header” option from PowerPack settings. 

Shrink on Scroll

Shrink Header on Scroll

Along with Sticky Header, it’s also important to reduce the height of the header. This way, users can easily focus on the content without getting distracted. So, we have added a “Shrink” option which can be enabled when you create a Sticky header for your site. 



Create Footer Layouts with Elementor & PowerPack

Just like Header, you can create a custom Footer layout with PowerPack and Elementor Free version. Create a footer layout on any page and publish it. Once you are done, set the page as “Footer” for your website from PowerPack settings. 

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