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How to Design Custom Header and Footer with Elementor?

PowerPack Addons for Elementor comes with a Header and Footer extension that could be used to create elementor custom headers and footers for your site. This extension works with the free version of Elementor and without the need to install any other plugin. This makes PowerPack, a complete toolkit for building Elementor websites. Have a look at the demo of the Header and Footer extension here.

We have created a short to-the-point video that explains in detail how you can create an Elementor Custom Header and Footer on your site. So, in case you like the video explanation, have a look at it below.

To create a Custom Header with Elementor, check out our guide on How to Create a Custom Header Layout with PowerPack & Elementor?

Similarly, to create a Custom Footer with Elementor, have a look at our guide on How to Create a Custom Footer Layout with PowerPack and Elementor?

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