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Custom Cursor Overview

PowerPack Custom Cursor Extension allows you to change the default mouse cursor and display, Text, Icon, or Image Cursor styles on your WordPress sites using Elementor page builder.

In a simple few steps, you can change the style of the default cursor of your web pages.

To change the cursor style:

Step 1: First, open the page using Elementor editor and Add New Section by clicking on the "+" icon.

add new section

Step 2: Now SELECT YOUR STRUCTURE and click on the Edit Section icon.

edit section

Step 3: On the left side of your page, you'll see three tabs: Content, Style, and Advanced.

Go to the Advanced Tab and click on the PowerPack option.

open advanced settings

Step 4: This will open the PowerPack Extensions list. Toggle on the Custom Cursor feature.

enable custom cursor feature

You'll be displayed with options to customize the default cursor:

  • Apply On - You can choose to apply custom cursor on Section or define Element/Class ID.
  • Cursor Type - Choose your custom cursor type to Image, Follow Image or Follow text.

choose custom cursor type

If you select Image as a cursor style, you can choose a cursor icon from the media library.

Selecting the Follow Image option as a cursor gives you the flexibility to add a custom image followed by the default mouse cursor.

Lastly, you can choose the Follow Text as a cursor style. Here you get multiple styling options to customize the text content.

You can add custom text, change typography, set color and padding, add background color, and many more.

follow text style

This is how you can change the default mouse icon using the PowerPack Custom Cursor feature and Elementor. The exact process you can follow to change the default mouse cursor on widget.

Hope this helps!

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