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Waves Animation Feature for Elementor

Create amazing waves animation on your website using background effects feature for Elementor.


Key Features

The Advisors and the team

Our main Mission: To provide affordable groundbreaking Ai product that give business of all sizes.

Emilia Fox

Assistant Professor at Nanyang Technological University

George Adamson

Assistant Professor at Nanyang Technological University

Alice Eve

Assistant Professor at Nanyang Technological University

Best Features

Get rid of the boring & repulsive websites!!!
Add amazing background waves animation to create an attention-grabbing section on your websites.


Waves Color

In Waves animation, you can easily customize waves color as per your website’s appearance. Its shininess feature adds a luster effect &  helps you to highlight the particular section of the website.


Moving Speed

With this feature, you can easily control the speed of moving waves. It gives you the flexibility to customize waves height & also you can add a zoom effect on the animation to highlight the same.



Add abstract glamour & highlight your website background with these cute background animations. Loaded with styling options to help you to create your dream websites

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