Display Conditions

Advanced Display Conditions for Elementor

Take control of content visibility on your Elementor website with PowerPack’s advanced Display Conditions. The Display Conditions options gives you flexibility to show or hide content based on your custom rules. 

The display rules are broadly categorized into User, Date & time, Page, archives & Misc. These options can be applied to any widget, column or section. 


Display Content by User Settings

Building a page or website where you need to show content based on the user’s login status or user role?
How about displaying an error message when someone uses an outdated browser or operating system that can make your site look ugly?
Show/Hide content based on extensive Visitor behavior options: 
  • Login Status: User is either logged in or not.
  • User Role: Condition on current user role. This assumes the visitor is logged in.

Date & Time Controlled Content

With the advanced Date & Time controlled rules, you can display certain content on a specific date, time, duration. This is a great feature if you are running promotions or have limited duration events on your website. 

  • Current Date: Only show the  element before or after a certain date. Multiple dates can be specified.
  • Time of Day: Only show the element before or after a certain time of day. Multiple times can be specified.

Display Content Based on Page Rules

Want to display a contact form to a specific set of page or post types? Or do you have any other call to action items specific to certain pages? You can now handle that easily with advanced Page rules. 

  • Page: Current page is or of the selected pages.
  • Post: Current page is or of the selected posts.
  • Special Page: Current page is a 404 page, default homepage, static homepage or a blog page.
  • Post Type: Current page is  of the specified post types.

Powerful Archive Rules & Settings

Just like Page rules, Archive rules can be highly useful for complex websites. You can set various restrictions for content based on the following options: 

  • Taxonomy: Current archive is a taxonomy archive of the specified taxonomies.
  • Post Type: One or multiple custom post type archives.
  • Date: Current archive is a date archive. Allows to specified further if it’s a day, month or year archive.
  • Author: Current archive is an archive that displays author posts. You can restrict to one or more authors.
  • Search: Current archive is a search results page. You can restrict the display to certain keywords.

Advanced Browser and Operating System Conditions

Want to display your content on specific browser or operating system? Now you can do this with advanced Misc options.

  • Operating System: Show or hide depending on the user’s operating system
  • Browser: Provides a list of browsers to condition the display of the element on.

Extensive & Unlimited Combinations

With PowerPack’s display conditions you can create unlimited combinations and advanced rules for your content.
This is a huge time saver as you can do more with existing content without having to create multiple templates.