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Login Form Widget

Presenting the most advanced Elementor Login Form Widget, packed with powerful features & styling options.
Create beautiful login pages on your WordPress websites with the Elementor Login Form Widget by PowerPack Addons.

Login with Social Accounts

Google reCAPTCHA

Easy to Setup

Extensive Styling Options

Build A Custom Login Page With Elementor Login Form Widget

Do you need a custom login page for your website? Want to use your branding on the login screen? Provide a better login experience? Yes, you can do all of this and much more with Elementor Login Form Widget by PowerPack Addons.

Use PowerPack and Login Form widget to replace the standard WP login page. Elementor Login Form Widget helps you to create advanced functional login pages on your website without installing dedicated login form plugin. 

Customizing WordPress login experience has never been so easy!

Quick And Easy Login via Social Accounts

Remembering and adding login details manually is a tedious process. PowerPack Login Form widget provides an option to log in using social profiles: Login via Facebook or Google with just a click. No need to recall login details. Just click & go!

Set Custom Login URL & Redirect Link

You can set up a custom login URL and redirect users once they log in to your site. This is also easy to remember and share as compared to the standard WP login URL mywebsite.com/wp-login.php.

Along with the custom login URL, you can also set up a custom redirect URL. So, you can have a custom login URL like mywebsite.com/login/, and once the user is successfully authenticated, you can send them to another URL like mywebsites.com/my-account/

Login Form Widget With reCAPTCHA Security

WordPress login pages are the main target for hackers & spammers. In order to protect your websites from such elements, we have integrated the Google reCAPTCHA feature with the Login Form widget. This feature helps you fight spam & protect your site from being exploited by spammers/hackers/Bots.

Design Login Forms With Extensive Styling Options

Create beautiful login pages by customizing typography, background, and color options. This form widget offers plenty of styling options for almost every aspect of the form. You can easily create any style of the login form and later blend it with your website’s look.

Elementor Login Form Widget gives you full control to customize login form elements. You can define custom data for labels & placeholders and make the login process smoother for your users.

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