WooCommerce Cart Widget

Style your simple-looking WooCommerce cart page with the most advanced styling features of the WooCommerce Cart widget of PowerPack Addons.

Design Cart Page with
WooCommerce Cart Widget

Cart widget for Elementor gives you control over various styling aspects of the Cart page. The standard WooCommerce cart page looks boring and isn’t very user-friendly. You can use the cart widget to style the elements differently and create custom cart layouts for your WordPress websites.

Customization Options for Button

With the PowerPack Cart Addons widget, you can easily style input fields and buttons on the cart page. Take control of all the styling elements like text color, background color, hover effect, shadow, border, round corners, and much more! It’s super easy to create better input fields and buttons on your cart page with Elementor.

Display Recommended Products

When it comes to generating more sales on an e-commerce store, product recommendation plays the most vital role and shouldn’t be ignored. WooCommerce Cart widget lets you enable/disable style cross-sales options at your will.

Apart from this option, you can easily style and customize the product recommendations section and enhance its look, which goes perfectly with the existing design of the cart table.

Style Coupon Field Section

Say goodbye to the old, boring, standard WooCommerce coupon field section. Style the field; however, you like it! 

Update Cart Table Styling

Want to get rid of the standard table styling for the Items list on your WooCommerce Cart page? We have got you covered! You can adjust the styling for the Products list. Adjust background colors, spacing, border styling, font size, and more with just a few clicks.

Create a Modern, Stylish, Impressive Cart Page

Say goodbye to the old, boring, standard WooCommerce cart page. Style the page the way you want!