📢 PowerPack Update: Introducing Countdown Timer Widget!

It’s TIME for the PowerPack update! (No pun intended😛) I am happy to introduce the latest addition to PowerPack for Elementor – Countdown Timer Widget. With this widget, now you can add timers and create a sense of urgency on your website that has been missing. You can create timers for flash sales, timed offers, […]

🎉 PowerPack Update: Elementor 2.0 Integration & 3 New Widgets!

Elementor Widgets Addon

PowerPack is our flagship product for Elementor, and we are committed to making it better every day. Here we have some exciting news for you! The latest release of PowerPack – The Best Elementor Addon just got better with added support for Dynamic Fields introduced in Elementor 2.0 and three new creative Elementor widgets. Dot/One Page […]

Best Free WordPress Themes for Elementor

Having a mediocre WordPress theme working with a good Page Builder is like trying to fit a sportscar engine in a hatchback! Choosing a good Page Builder is crucial, but it is equally important that you pick your WordPress theme carefully. A good WordPress theme can make the Page builder more powerful and functional. There […]

Getting Started with Elementor

If you ask a layman to design a website, I am sure their first response will be “I don’t know how to code!“. If you feel the same, then your opinion is about to change. With today’s tech, it is very much possible to design your website inside out even if you do not have […]

Designing a Food & Drinks Menu with Elementor

Do you build/manage websites for Restaurants and Cafes? If yes, then I am sure that you would have come across the need for setting up a Food & Drinks Menu Page. We always see that menus are often divided into categories such as – Appetizers, Starters, Drinks, Dinner, Desserts, etc. Using this bifurcation on the […]

Top 10 Free & Premium Elementor Addons

Elementor is one of the leading Page Builders out there. It comes with loads of customization options and has an extensive user base. Although this plugin is the real game changer, you can make it even better with Elementor addons. If you use Elementor, have a look at the list and select the one which fits you […]

PowerPack Elements Update: Introducing Popup Box and Info List Widgets

With new updates, comes new widgets and fixes! To make sure that PowerPack is the most loved add-on in the Elementor Community, we continuously focus on making it better by adding amazing widgets and giving out freebies. This time, we have added Two New widgets to the PowerPack add-on – Popup Box and Info List […]

PowerPack Freebies: 10 Templates for Elementor Builder Exclusively FREE!

Who doesn’t love free stuff, right? Well, we here at PowerPack Elements love freebies and that is the reason why we have decided to give out free templates to all our visitors! We are offering not 1… not 2… but a total of 10 Free Landing Page Templates! An excellent products/services need a good landing page, […]

PowerPack Elements Update: Introducing Google Maps and WPForms Widgets

PowerPack Elements add-on for Elementor comes with numerous custom content widgets. The best thing about PowerPack Elements add-on is the upgrades. We are committed to making sure that the PowerPack is regularly upgraded and it stands at the top of the chain. To value our commitment, we are glad to announce two new and fantastic widgets […]

Introducing: Caldera Forms & Ninja Forms Widgets for Elementor

PowerPack Elements is a premium Elementor Addon, it extends Elementor page builder plugin with creative, custom widgets. Today, we have completed the development of Caldera Forms & Ninja Forms widgets. Both Caldera & Ninja forms are popular form building plugins for WordPress. These plugins have both free and premium versions available. Now you can style the […]