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Form Styler Widgets for Elementor

Build professional-looking forms on your websites with advanced styling features various form styler widgets by PowerPack Addons for Elementor.

Eye-Catching Headline with Custom Title & Description

Forms are the essential elements of a website and thus need to be attractive. With the PowerPack Addons Form Styler widgets, you can add a custom title and description along with advanced color and typography options. This will help you to create fancy headlines for your WordPress contact forms & drive your visitors’ attention.

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Easy to Customize Layout & Spacing

The advanced features of the widget let you adjust the layout & spacing within the form. These features include:

Color & Typography That Perfectly Match Your Website's Branding

This option lets you customize the input and text area of the form. Here you get the flexibility to:

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Customize Input Fields

When it comes to designing a part of your website, be it a header, footer, or contact section, colors and font types play a significant role.

With PowerPack Contact Form stylers for Elementor, you can design and create a form that perfectly matches your website’s design. Not any additional coding skills or extra plugins are required. Play with the color and typography options available with the widget, and you are ready to go!

Display Stylish Error Messages

Create a form that displays eye-catchy error messages for your users. With the gravity form widget, you can easily enable or disable the error message option. Enabling this feature further gives you options to add styling and customizing it the way you want.

Stylish Form Buttons: Radio, Checkboxes & Submit Button

Who wants simple boring looking buttons on their contact form? No one!!!

Styling forms buttons is now super easy with the gravity form widget. From adjusting the size to choosing a color, defining border, and border size, you can do it all in just a few clicks.

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