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How To Add Tooltip In Elementor Website [Easy Guide]

How To Add Tooltip In Elementor Website

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Are you looking for a way to add a tooltip to your Elementor website?

A tooltip is also known as a screen tip or info tip showing a text snippet hovering over any image or specific web element.

In this article, we’ll guide you through adding a tooltip and customizing its appearance using Elementor and PowerPack Addons.

Without further ado, let’s go ahead.

What is a Tooltip?

A tooltip is a tiny UI element that you can add over certain web elements to give more information to your users.

As the name suggests, it’s a tool that gives tips to users about an element or field whenever there is a trigger.

How does adding tooltips Improves User Experience on your WordPress Websites?

Tooltips are small pop-up boxes that provide additional information when a user hovers over or clicks on a particular element on a website. They can help improve the user experience in several ways:

  • Clarify Meaning: Tooltips can clarify the meaning of words or phrases that might be unfamiliar or ambiguous to users. You have a technical term or acronym on your website; a tooltip can explain its meaning.
  • Provide Context: Tooltips can provide additional context for your website’s images or other visual elements. For example, a tooltip can explain how to interpret the data if you have an infographic.
  • Reduce Clutter: Instead of putting all the information on a page, you can use tooltips to provide additional information without cluttering the page. This can make your website cleaner and easier to navigate.
  • Save Space: When you have limited space on your website, tooltips can help you provide additional information without taking up too much room.

Now that you know how beneficial it is to display tooltips on your websites, let’s see how you can add them to WordPress using Elementor.

How to Add Tooltips in Elementor using PowerPack Addons?

To add a tooltip to your website, you need to install and activate Elementor and PowerPack Addons.

PowerPack Addons is one of the best addons for Elementor. It includes more than 80 handy & creative widgets, over 300 pre-designed templates, and useful extensions to enhance your website’s overall look and feel.

And one of those extensions is a Tooltips extension that allows you to display interactive tooltips on your Elementor website.

Step 1: Enable the PowerPack Tooltip Extension for Elementor

To add a tooltip to your WordPress website using Elementor, first, you need to enable the Tooltips extension from PowerPack backend settings.

To do that, go to your WordPress Dashboard, and click Elementor >> PowerPack.

PowerPack Addons for Elementor

Next, navigate to the Extensions section and enable the Tooltips feature.

PowerPack Settings in WordPress Dashboard

Once done, hit the Save Changes button.

Step 2: Add Tooltips to Elementor

Next. open your page in the Elementor editor, and select the widget/section where you want to display the tooltip.

Then go to the Advanced Tab >> PowerPack; enable the Tooltip feature.

Enable PowerPack's Tooltip feature in Elementor's editor page

Step 3: Customize the Tooltip Feature

Once you enable the Tooltip feature, all the customization options will appear that you can use to enhance its overall appearance.

Setting options for PowerPack's Tooltip extension in the Elementor page builder
  • Tooltip Content: The first option in the Tooltip extension is Tooltip Content. Using this option, you can define the text content you want to show over a tooltip.
  • Target: Using this option, you can select the target as either a current element or a custom selector.
  • Trigger: Select the trigger you want from the available options, such as hover or click.
  • Tooltip Position: Choose the tooltip position as top, bottom, left, or right.
  • Show Arrow: Select an option on whether to show an arrow or not.
  • Animation: Using this feature, you can apply animation to the tooltip from available options such as fade, fall, grow, slide, or swing.
  • Distance: This option can adjust the distance between the hotspot and the tooltip.
  • Z-Index: With this option, you can adjust the Z-index value for the tooltip.

Let’s see all the styling options available for the tooltip feature:

Setting options for PowerPack's Tooltip extension in the Elementor page builder
  • Background Color: Customize the background color of the tooltip using this option.
  • Text Color: This feature can customize the tooltip text color.
  • Typography: Tooltip typography text can be customized using this option.
  • Box Shadow: You can enable the box shadow feature with this option to enhance its look.
  • Border Type: If you want to add a border to the tooltip, you can use this option. Choose a border type from available options such as solid, dotted, dashed, doubled, and groove.
  • Border Radius: If you’ve applied a border to the tooltip, then you can adjust its radius using this option.
  • Padding: You can adjust the padding for the tooltip; this will allow spacing between the tooltip text and the border.
  • Width: You can also adjust the tooltip width with this option.
powerpack tooltip feature for elementor

Wrapping Up: How to Add Tooltip in Elementor Website

So as we’ve discussed, the entire process to add a tooltip in an Elementor website using PowerPack Addons.

We hope this tutorial helped you to add a tooltip to your Elementor website. Click here to get PowerPack Elementor Addons to create amazing Tooltips and many other sections on your Elementor website.

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Please drop your queries in the comment section if you face any issues.

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