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Elementor is one of the most popular page builders for WordPress. The reasons for its popularity is simple drag and drop interface & exciting features. Not only it comes with multiple styling options but also it provides website building framework so one can easily design creative & beautiful websites.

Right now Elementor powers more than 3 million sites. Impressive, isn’t it?

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You can easily create a beautiful website just by arranging blocks of content. One of the most useful & impressive features is front-end editing allowing you to make live edits without having to tangle between editor and the page preview. Although basic of Elementor is adaptable and easy to understand, however, for building amazing sites, you need knowledge beyond the basics.

Top Resources for Learning Elementor

Elementor is easy to use, and this is one of the reasons for its popularity. But what if you want to learn more? Do more? You will surely need some guidance with exploring all the features and functionalities. Elementor Free and Pro both offer a different set of features. From building simple to complex websites, you will have a lot to do with Elementor. So, if you are just starting out, it will be useful to check reliable and good resources for brushing up your Elementor skills.

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I’ve listed some of the best Elementor Resources that will either help you to get started with Elementor or broaden your knowledge if you already know the basics.

Best Websites to Learn Elementor for Free

1. Elementor Official Blog

The absolute way of learning Elementor is to take an in-depth look at the Elementor official blog page. It offers tutorials, news posts, videos, interviews, and articles. The blog page is very comprehensive & has everything you need to know.

Blog page classifies into six categories: New Features, Tutorials, Inspiration, Podcast, Case Studies, & Monday Masterclass. Each type has an extensive list of blog posts & videos for its users.

One of its impressive & helpful section is Monday Masterclass, where tech experts come up with some useful & relevant content in the form of articles and videos.

Also, the Tutorials Section is beneficial for those who want a “Step-By-Step” guide of using Elementor & its widgets.

Apart from publishing Elementor related blog, the team also come up with some exciting & chunky blog posts based on Designing, Marketing, and other useful topics.

Click here to visit Elementor Blog.

2. PowerPack For Elementor


PowerPack for Elementor is one of the best third-party plugins for Elementor. It comes with numerous custom widgets that help you to design your dream website without writing a single line of code.

Apart from useful widgets, this website also offers detailed & well-written blog posts for intermediate to expert developers who are already working with Elementor page builder.

Right now, PowerPack blog page has more than 40 blog posts covering some of the essential Elementor topics like Common Elementor Errors, Elementor not loading issue and fixes.

Also, you can check out the blog page of PowerPack elements for more informative & useful content.

Click here to visit PowerPack blog.

3. Elementor Resources

Elementor Resources is a learning website for Elementor. It is a comprehensive guide for both beginners & elementor experts.
Here you’ll find all the basics of Elementor. From step-by-guide, video demos, to How-tos.

This website has more than 20 blog posts by which you can understand Elementor better. Right now more than 6,000 readers subscribe to their mailing list to receive updates of new templates, examples, and tutorials.

Click here to visit Elementor Resources.

4. Elementor Developer Resources

Elementor Developer Resources is a subsite of the Elementor website. This site is the ultimate resource guide for both intermediate and expert developers.

They offer broad & detailed tutorials for beginner coders that will help them to dive deep into Elementor & take them to expert level tasks. This subsite has six main categories covering all the topics you need in your website development process.

The categories are:

  1. Tutorials: This section offers tutorials to learn how to extend Elementor, creating add-ons, and extensions.
  2. Components: Before you start developing, you should know several Elementor components. So this is the place for you.
  3. Code Reference: Want to learn what’s going on inside the page builder core files. Go through this section.
  4. Actions & Filters: Here, you find some more examples of how to use the different Elementor actions and filters.
  5. Elementor Pro: Tutorials on how you can extend different Elementor Pro component.
  6. Get Involved: If you want to contribute code and suggest new ideas, Check out this section.

For novice coders, they have also listed additional resources like WP Core, Support & Pro.

Click here to visit Elementor Developer Resources

5. Learn Elementor

We all know, Elementor gives us the power to create designs from scratch. However, designing Elementor templates is not everyone’s cup of tea. We need skills & tools for creating some impressive work.
Learn Elementor is the website where you can learn & acquire skills to become a better Elementor designer.

As you’ de expect this website has excellent tutorials for beginner designers that will walk you through basic. It includes in-depth articles & resources like docs, video tutorials.

They have categorized topics into four sections:

  1. Getting Started: Follow these steps to start your website development process.
  2. Video Tutorials: Go through this if you want to know everything about building a website.
  3. Docs: If you are looking for something specific, you can go through this section. Here they have an extensive list of documentation that will help you out.
  4. FAQ: This is the section where you find answers to your specific questions.

Click here to visit Learn Elementor website.

6. Sniffle Valve

Sniffle Valve is another website like Elementor resources that offer free tutorials on Elementor. Lyle Chamney, a WordPress enthusiast, is the person behind Sniffle Valve.

This website offers several WordPress & Page builder tutorials. It has a special category for Elementor tutorials covering some essential topics.

Sniffle Valve’s blog post affords several limitations. First, it is not for beginners. If you’re already an experienced developer and understand CSS properly, then only these blog posts work for you.

Click here to visit Sniffle Valve’s blog.

7. ThemIsle

ThemIsle is a popular name in the WordPress ecosystem. They are the creators of popular WordPress themes Neve & Hestia.

ThemeIsle website is the treasure of WordPress related blogs. Here you can find everything related to WordPress. From themes & plugins to tutorials & guides.

Just like Sniffle Valve, ThemIsle also has some blog posts dedicated to Elementor.

Although the site hasn’t published any content related to Elementor in the last few months, it still has some reliable content for beginners. You can find several tutorials here.

Click here to visit ThemIsle’s blog.

Best YouTube Channels to Learn Elementor

1. WordPress For Non-Techies

Adam Preiser runs It’s an ultimate resource guide for Elementor and WordPress. This channel has a series of tutorials on Elementor that works phenomenally for newbies & experts.

It has an exclusive playlist of Elementor tutorials with 50 videos, covering topics like Elementor features, How’ to’s and many more.

Right now this channel has more than 450 videos with 127k Subscribers.

Click here to visit WPCrafter Youtube channel.

2. Darrel Wilson

Darrel Wilson’s channel is all about WordPress, Web Design, and SEO. Here you’ll also find a playlist on Elementor page builder contains ten videos.
From building a WordPress website from scratch to Best Elementor Add-on plugins, you will find everything here.

Right now this channel has more than 200 videos with 147k subscribers.

Click here to visit Darrel Wilson Youtube channel.

3. Ferdy Korpershoek

Ferdy’s youtube channel has everything related to WordPress. Here you find videos about Page Builder, WordPress Themes, MailChimp, WooCommerce, and SEO.

Ferdy has an exclusive playlist called Elementor Pro Tutorials on his channel. This playlist works best for those people who want to learn about building a website using Elementor Pro.

If you would like to keep yourself updated about every latest feature of Elementor, Ferdy Korpershoek is the right person to follow.
Right now Ferdy has more than 400 videos with 96.5K subscribers.

Click here to visit Ferdy Korpershoek Youtube channel.

4. WPTuts

WPTuts is the channel where you find everything about WordPress, including tutorials for Elementor. Paul Carlton runs WPTuts. This channel includes two playlists dedicated to Elementor named as Elementor Hello Theme for WordPress and Elementor Visual Page Editor Tutorials.

With these tutorials, you can easily learn to build websites with both Free & Pro version of Elementor.
Right now WPTuts has more than 300 videos with 54K subscribers.

Click here to visit WPTuts Youtube channel.

5. Dave Foy—Design Build Web

Dave Foy, a graphic designer by profession, teaches people how to create excellent & responsive WordPress websites with no coding knowledge. This channel is an excellent resource for all from beginner to experienced.

Here you’ll find an exclusive playlist dedicated to Elementor that contains 19 videos, covering some essential topics related to Elementor.

Right now this channel has more than 20 videos with 12.1k subscribers.

Click here to visit Dave Foy Youtube channel.


All the resources, as mentioned above, helps you to learn Elementor better. All these are the best sources available out there. No matter you are a beginner or Elementor expert, these sources provide all techniques, tutorial, and tips.

If you have some suggestions or resources to add in the above blog post, let me know in the comment section below.

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