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How to Save, Import and Export Templates in Elementor

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Importing & Exporting template is one of the important tasks while building WordPress Websites. Elementor not only gives us the flexibility of importing, and exporting template but they also make easy to reuse and save the same template for many projects.

In this post, we are explaining a step-by-step guide of How to Save, Import, and Export Templates in Elementor.

How to Import Elementor template

To import an elementor template, first, open your WordPress Dashboard>>Templates>>Saved Templates.

At top of the page, select the option Import Templates, upload json format file & click on the Import Now button.

Once you import file, you can see it in your template list & can be used in any layout.

Saving Page as a Template in Elementor

  1. First, open the page with Elementor Editor. Click on the up arrow icon in the bottom left of the page and select the Save as Template option.
  2. After clicking the option, a new window appears, give a name to your template and save.


Saving Section as Templates

Elementor also provides the flexibility of saving a section/part as templates.

  1. For saving a section, choose the section you want to save and right-click on the Edit Section.
  2. After clicking the section, a menu appears with a few options, choose the Save as Template option. Give your template a proper name and save.


Inserting your Saved Templates

With Elementor, you can insert section as well as complete Template. For both options, you have to follow the same steps.

Give it a look:

  1. Click on the folder icon in the Elementor widget area.
  2. In Elementor library, select My Templates tab. Here you see your previously saved template. For inserting template click on the Insert button, the template will be added into your layout. 


3. After click on the insert option, a message will appear on the screen telling whether you also want to import document settings of the Template.

You can choose the option “yes” or “no” as per your choice.

How to Export Elementor Templates

You can export templates from the WordPress dashboard. For exporting template, open WordPress dashboard>>Templates>>Saved Template.


Choose the template and click the Export Template button.


You can also export a template from Elementor library. Open Elementor library & click on the My template tab. Under My Templates click the 3-dots at the right and click Export.



In both the methods the file will be saved in a json format.


In this post, we have shown you step by step guide of Importing & Exporting Elementor template. We hope this post makes you understand Elementor better.

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If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a comment in the comment section below!

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6 thoughts on “How to Save, Import and Export Templates in Elementor”

  1. hello thanx for the tuto
    i tryed to exporta template section from a wp theme to an other theme, it import the json file but it do not import any content ( image, text etc…), i got a blank section template.

  2. Saving as template and inserting elsewhere has very mixed results. It looks fine in elementor preview but none of the styling is coming over when viewed on the frontend.

    • I had the same problem. Go the WordPress dashboard, then go to Elementor, Settings, then “Advanced” tab and change “CSS Print Method” to “internal embedding”.

  3. Thanks for this post.
    1. Any way to export with image and text so looks equal when import on other site?
    2. There is any site where people share his templates designs on elementor?
    Thanks you folks


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