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How to Filter Images by URL in Gallery Widget?

Filter Images by URL is a special feature of PowerPack’s Gallery Widget. It allows you to set Active Filter in Gallery by passing it as a parameter in the URL. If you want to display photos of a particular category to the user then this feature is really helpful.

To set up the Filter Images by URL feature of PowerPack’s Gallery widget, please follow these below mentioned steps:

  1. Under the Content Tab of the Gallery widget, go to the Gallery section and click on any "item" to open it.

Open any item in the Gallery widget
Open any item in the Gallery widget

  1. Here, you can set the "Filter ID" for the item and then use it to target the Filter. In order to target it, we will pass the URL like this: https://example.com/page-url/#beverages.

Set Custom Filter ID for a particular Image group
Set Filter ID for a particular Image group

Here is an example of how it works –

  • Suppose, we've 2 filters enabled in our Gallery widget: Beverages and Team. The URL that contains our Gallery widget is: https://gallerywidget.com/gallery/.
  • We now want to share a URL that directly opens the images under the "Beverages" item.
  • So, we will simply head over to Gallery and open the item with Field Label as "Beverages" and add a Filter ID to it.
  • Let's suppose we're adding the "Filter ID" as "beverages".
  • Next, we will share the URL as https://gallerywidget.com/gallery/#beverages.
  • This will open up the page containing Gallery widget with default filter set as Beverages.

This was all about the powerful "Filter Images by URL" feature of the Gallery widget. :)

Feel free to get in touch with us in case of any queries.

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