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How to add Load More Button?

Load More button is very useful when there is a lot of images to display. It reduces the page's first load size by allowing images to be loaded on user demand. PowerPack's Image Gallery provides a one-click way to enable the Load More option to the Gallery.

Go to Content > Load More Button > Enable It.

Once enabled you'll see the following options for setting up the Load More:

1. Images per page: This sets the number of images to be loaded at a time.
2. Button Text: Default text is Load More but you can change to other text.
3. Button Icon: Add an icon to the button.
4. Icon Position: Add icon either before or after the button's text.
5. Alignment

Now the second part of styling the Load More button comes. Go to Style > Load More Button to style the button according to your requirements.

You can check the complete demo of PowerPack's Image Gallery here.

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