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How to Customize Background Effects using ParticleJS?

Background Effects uses the particle.js library to render amazing effects. Although there are plenty of options available with the Background Effects feature of PowerPack, it is possible to customize the effects using the effect generator on the particle.js site.

Generate the Effect#

1. Go to the https://vincentgarreau.com/particles.js/

2. Select the effect and then customize it as per requirement.

ParticleJS edit panel on https://vincentgarreau.com/particles.js/ site.

3. After completing the setup, download the JSON file from the site.

ParticleJS download JSON config file from https://vincentgarreau.com/particles.js/

Add the JSON code to the Background Effects#

1. Copy the JSON code from the file downloaded and paste the code into the text editor.

Paste the custom code to the Background Effects Custom Animation Type option

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