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How to Add a Custom Tab with Custom Content to Single Product Page using WooBuilder?

WooCommerce Product Tabs helps you to add content like Description, Reviews, and Additional Information in product pages in WooCommerce. But what if you want to add a Custom Content to Product Tabs or maybe, a Custom Tab on the Product Pages?

PowerPack has released WooBuilder containing a wide range of Woo Widgets. One of the WooWidgets is Woo - Product Tabs using which you can add custom content to Product Tabs and also, add a Custom tab to Product Pages.

Let's add a Custom Tab with Custom Content to Single Product page as an example.

Required Plugins: Elementor, WooCommerce, & PowerPack Add-ons For Elementor.

Edit the Single Product Template#

  1. Head over to WordPress Dashboard and go to Elementor >> PowerPack >> WooBuilder.
  2. Below the Single Product Page template, you’ll see an Edit option.
  3. Click on it.
  4. Now, edit the Single Product Template.

Single Product Template
Single Product Template

Drag & Drop Woo - Product Tabs Widget to the Single Product Page Template#

  1. After opening the Single Product Page Template, drag & drop Woo - Product Tabs Widget to the template.
  2. Woo - Product Tabs Widget is available under the "PowerPack - WooCommerce" section in Elementor Editor.

Woo - Product Tabs
Woo - Product Tabs

Add New Tab to Single Product Page Template using Woo - Product Tabs Widget#

  1. After adding Woo - Product Tabs widget to the template, head over to Woo - Product Tabs >> Content >> Tabs >> Add Item .
  2. Add a Title and Icon for the newly added Custom Tab.
  3. Next, in the Tab section, choose the "Custom Tab" & Content type as "Custom".
  4. Now, add the content or shortcodes that you want to display in the newly added custom tab.
  5. Update the page.

Add a New Custom Tab
Add a New Custom Tab

That's it. Now, you have successfully added a Custom Tab with a Custom Content to the Single Product Page Template.

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