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Presets Overview

PowerPack brings you a creative and easy way to design your web pages using Elementor and PowerPack widgets: Presets.
Let's see what Presets are and how you can use this feature to build your WordPress websites faster than ever before.

What Are Presets?#

Presets, as the name says, are the pre-built set of designs. In the PowerPack Presets feature, you get ready-made templates of many PowerPack widgets. With just a single click, you can apply Presets and be done with beautiful, flawlessly working web page designs.

Let's see how you can PowerPack Presets feature.

How to Use PowerPack Presets?#

PowerPack Preset feature is completely user-friendly. You'll find the presets option under the preset supported widget's content tab.

Follow these simple steps to use presets:

Step 1: Drag and drop the widget, and under the content tab of the widget, the first option you'll see is "Choose Preset."

presets for elementor

Step 2: Select any Preset template, and the design will automatically apply to your widget. If you want to switch back to the custom design, just choose the "Default" option.

powerpack presets for elementor

Step 3: Preset templates are completely customizable. You can modify the Preset design using the customization options under the style tab.

Step 4: Once done with the customization, click Update to save changes.

We hope this gives you an overview and helps you understand the PowerPack Presets feature.

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