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Author List Widget Overview

PowerPack Author List widget helps you display your WordPress site's authors impressively. It comes with a power of customer query that enables you to create a dedicated author page and exclude authors on the page as per your requirements.

Let's take a closer look at the Author List Widget in detail:

Content tab of the Author List Widget#

The content tab of the Author List Widget consists of 2 sections:

  • General
  • Layout

Let us now go over each of these sections in more detail:


  • Source: Choose a source for fetching your site authors on the page. You can select Custom Query as a source, and the option will automatically display a list of authors on the page.

Further, you get the option to exclude authors as per your preference.

If you want to create a manual list, you can select the Manual Selection as a source option.

  • Order By: Create a customized author list by choosing from the multiple ordering options like User Login, Email, User ID, etc.
  • Order: Choose your author list in ascending or descending order.

general tab of author list widget


  • Layout: Choose List or Grid layout for the author list display.
  • Elements Position: Choose elements position to be stacked or inline.
  • Author Name: Select the author name display from the available options. You can check the screenshot below to see the options.
  • Avatar Type: Choose the avatar type for your authors. You can select the standard Gravatt option or upload a custom icon.
  • Post Count: Enable this option to display the number of posts of the respective author.
  • Role: Enabling this option will display the role of the author.
  • Email: If you want to display your site authors' email addresses, toggle on this option.
  • Author Bio: Enable this option to showcase your site authors' bio.

Style Tab of the Author List Widget#

In the Style tab, you get styling options to customize every single element of the Author List Widget, and this tab consists of 8 sections:

  • Layout
  • Items
  • Avatar
  • Name
  • Posts Count
  • Role
  • Email
  • Author Description


  • Rows Gap: Adjust the gap between the rows using this option.

style tab of author list widget


In the Items subjection, you get the option to customize the items by changing their background color, adding Border, adjusting Border Radius, Padding, etc.

items subsection of author list widget elementor


In the Avatar subsection, you can adjust the size of avatars, add Border Radius and adjust the Spacing.

customize wordpress authors' avatar


You can customize your authors' names by changing color and altering typography.

customize authors' name

Post Counts, Role, Email, & Author Description#

Further, you get styling options to customize the background color, typography, spacing, padding, etc., of elements such as post counts, role, email, and author description.

This was a detailed overview of the PowerPack Author List Widget for Elementor.

Hope this helps!

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