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Add Shortcode in WordPress with Elementor

How to Add Shortcode in WordPress with Elementor?

Shortcodes are small pieces of code that allow you to do diversified things with little effort. They can be used …


How to Create Image Hotspots With Elementor

Looking for a simple way to create image hotspots using Elementor? How you display content on your websites matters a …

Display Google Maps with Multiple Location

How to Display Google Maps with Multiple Locations using Elementor? [Step-by-Step]

Looking for a simple to show multiple locations on Google Maps or want to display multiple addresses on Google Maps? …


Best Marketing Widgets for Elementor [2023]

Doesn’t matter what type of website you own, whether it’s an e-commerce website, portfolio website, or any other business website. …


How to Create a Post Carousel/Slider with Elementor

Do you want to create a beautiful posts carousel in Elementor? Do you want to display your website blog posts …


How to Create a Testimonial Carousel with Elementor

Showcasing clients’ testimonials on your website is the most prominent way to gain trust, build credibility, and get more conversions. …

WordPress user registration page elementor

How to Create a Custom WordPress User Registration Page

Are you looking for a way to customize your website’s WordPress User Registration page? You have landed on the right …

WordPress countdown timer elementor

How to Create a Countdown Timer with Elementor

Countdown timers are a great way to incite urgency on your website. Often website owners and marketers use this technique …


The Ultimate Workflow for Building Elementor Websites

Looking for a way to build ultimate Elementor websites? If you’re an agency owner or a web designer, I am …

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