PowerPack Freebies: 10 Templates for Elementor Builder Exclusively FREE!

Who doesn’t love free stuff, right? Well, we here at PowerPack Elements love freebies and that is the reason why we have decided to give out free templates to all our visitors!

We are offering not 1… not 2… but a total of 10 Free Landing Page Templates!

An excellent products/services need a good landing page, and with these ten magnificent templates, you can showcase yours as well in the most fantastic way. Let’s have a look at each template individually.

Before we go ahead, here is a quick access window for you if you directly want to view the demo or download the template.

Template NameDemo Link
Camera Sale TemplateView Demo
Travel Business TemplateView Demo
Cosmetic Product Launch TemplateView Demo
Car Booking TemplateView Demo
Internet Provider TemplateView Demo
Renovation Services TemplateView Demo
Electrician Services TemplatesView Demo
Spa Home TemplateView Demo
Cafe Home TemplateView Demo
Restaurant Landing Page TemplateView Demo

Download Free Elementor Templates


Camera Sale Template

A good Camera needs a proper launch as well. This Landing Page template has a good looking CTA with an order now button. Below the top section, you can list the most enticing features of the camera and why should people go for it.

Below the features section, you can list your product’s achievements like the number of happy customers and products sold. If you need your customers to see through the camera’s lens, then show them some photos taken from the camera itself. You can easily do that by the gallery section. And to complete the page, you get a perfectly designed testimonials section and the contact form with inquiry section.

Have a look at the Demo.


 Travel Business Template

If you have your own Travel Business, then this template will be the best representation of your business. You can show various packages and tour plans for your website using this landing page template. The Hero section has a perfectly placed CTA button and just below the Hero section; you can display your achievements such as tours, holidays, hotels, and flights for your business.

You can also bifurcate the tours based on the locations as well. At the bottom, you get a CTA panel with a contact number and other contact details row.

Have a look at the Demo.


 Cosmetic Product Launch Template

This template is perfect for a launch of a Cosmetic product of any kind. It has no customization boundaries so you can alter it for a launch of a cream, hair product, or any cosmetic product. It has a beautifully designed Hero section. Below the hero section, you can list or directly start talking about your product.

You also get an additional row where you can talk more about your product. Lastly, there is a row which will act as the Contact and About Us panel with an extra row for fast contact where you can list your contact info.

Have a look at the Demo.


Car Booking Landing Page Template

Running your own Car Rental Booking website? Not a problem. This template will take care of all the requirements that you may have. The Hero section comes with a Call Now panel where you can add your contact number.  Below that you can give your customers a form with which they can make an inquiry for the same.

If you wish to list your unique feature, you can do that too with this template, and you can list your cars individually with their price per day. Testimonials and newsletters subscription panel of this template will help you build trust with the customers as well.

Have a look at the Demo.


 Internet Provider Template

If you have your Internet Provider Service Company, the most important thing for you is a good looking website. This landing page template has an impressive hero section with a download CTA button. Below the Hero section, you can display the features of your services. To recognize your team, you showcase them on the “Meet Our Team” section.

The Template has the Pricing Tables that you can easily alter to show your prices and feature plans to your customers. At the bottom, you get a beautifully designed Contact Us panel with full customization features.

Have a look at the Demo.


Renovation Services Template

Another impressive template for the people who love changing and beautifying things. This template has a decent Hero section with CTA button for Offer & Price. Below that, You can display some of the works you have done to your viewers.

If you have been in the industry for some time, then you can show your achievements. Showing the services that your business is another important aspect of the landing page and this template has that too. Finally, you get the Contact section with the Testimonials section which completes the Landing Page.

Have a look at the Demo.


 Electrician Services Template

If you are running your electrician service provider firm, then you need a good looking website. This template comprises of all the essential factors that you need in a perfect landing page. The hero section with CTA does make the site more attractive and functional.

Below the Hero Section, you can list all the services that you provide. The testimonials section lets your visitors know what other’s are saying about you. Apart from that, you get the perfectly placed contact us section with a row to request a quote.

Have a look at the Demo.


 Spa Home Template

Make use of this elegantly designed template for your spa and create your brand image. With the excellent hero section, you can add a CTA button to your bookings page. You can list different massages and therapies that you provide. You can also list packages and prices for different customers and list your expert team and customer testimonials.

Have a look at the Demo.


 Cafe Landing Page Template

Make the online presence of your Coffee shop with this template and present your shop to the world in the most fantastic manner. You get an impressive Hero section with a specials menu listing below it. You can list all of your products here.

The reservation row allows your customers to book a table online. To vouch for your product, you can add a customer testimonials row with a contact row at the bottom.

Have a look at the Demo.


 Restaurant Landing Page Template

This is a perfect template if you want to create an excellent digital brand image of your restaurant. It has a very intuitive hero section with a perfectly placed CTA button. Below the Hero section, there is a section for displaying the specials of the day, and you get an about us section below it.

There is a specials menu with respective price as well. You can show your opening hours and can even offer your customers to book a table from this template only. At last, you get the perfectly placed testimonials section with the contact us section which makes a complete landing page.

Have a look at the Demo.


What are you waiting for?

These are the templates that you are getting exclusively free!

If you want them all, signup below to download the Bundle of all ten templates.

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You can make multiple alterations to them with the Elementor Page Builder and that too without touching a single line of code. If you wish to extend this customization, then you can give a try to our add-on for Elementor – PowerPack Elements.

It comes with more than 25 Premium widgets, and more are on their way along with more premium templates!

We offer 14 days no questions asked money back guarantee, but I am sure that won’t be necessary 🙂

Click on the respective links to download the templates and tell us by commenting down below which one you like the most!

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  • Finally! Found some free templates for Elementor. I didn’t wanna start from scratch. I just needed a template so that I can change the content and use it.



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