How to Create Pricing Table using Elementor

Elementor Price table widget

Pricing table plays an essential role in the website that sells courses, packages, or any other services. Effective pricing table help users compare different features to make it easy for them to decide on the purchase.

If people can see value in your offer through a clear pricing table design, then they are more likely to become paying customers. With Elementor pricing table widget, you can create impressive & useful pricing tables. This widget allows you to add exciting features to your pricing table through which you can portray the right info to your customers.

In the following post, we will see step-by-step instruction of creating a pricing table using Elementor and PowerPack Elementor Addon’s Price Table Widget.

Are you looking for more inspiration? Check out the demo setup for Elementor Pricing Table Widget on our website.

How to Create Pricing Table with Elementor

Designing of an impressive price table requires a subtle mix of creativity and usability. Elementor Pricing table widget helps you to create an impressive price table & that too without touching a single line of code.

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Before you start, make sure you have installed and activate both Elementor and the PowerPack Elementor addon plugins.

Step 1: Add Price Table Widget to the Page

To create a price table with Elementor, login to your WordPress dashboard and select the page in which you wish to add the Price table widget and click “Edit with Elementor” option/button.

Now you can drag and drop the Price table widget in place in Elementor editor.

The below screenshot shows how your page would look like after adding the price table widget.


Step 2: Elementor Pricing Table Customizations in Content Tab

Header Section: This is the first section of the price table, here you can select icon type, title, and subtitle for pricing table.

Price table for elementor


Pricing Section: In this section, you can modify the currency symbol and set the price of a pricing package.
You can also use the toggle to enable or disable the discount option. If you enable this option, you can set the discount price according to pricing package.

content tab elementor price table


Features Section: From this section, you can add and modify the feature list of the pricing table.
You can customize each feature of the table. From the subsections, you can change the list item, list icon & icon color. Also, you can change the text color & background color of the list item.

Apart from this, you can use the toggle to exclude any active feature of the table.


Ribbon Section: Ribbon is a slant highlighted text which makes your card pop up and helps in displaying discounts and offers related to that plan.

Here, you can enable or disable the ribbon button to display/hide the Ribbon. If you enable the button, you will see a drop-down menu to change the ribbon Style and also have the flexibility to change the title of the ribbon.

You can also set the distance and alignment of the ribbon.


Footer: In this section, you can modify button text, button link, and add additional info.

Step 3: Elementor Pricing Table Customizations in Style Tab

After setting up the layout of the pricing table, you can switch to the style tab to unlock all the styling options. Pricing table widget for Elementor comes with many exciting features by which you can style every aspect of the pricing table.

Header Section: From Header section, you can add background color, border type, and many more styling features. In this section, you can style icon, title & subtitle of the pricing table.

style tab elementor price table

Similarly, you can style pricing, features, ribbon & footer section by changing color, typography & other aspects of pricing table as per your needs.

Here are some examples of the impressive Elementor Pricing Table made with PowerPack Pricing Table Widget!


Wrapping it up!

With all the setting options of the price table widget, you create some fantastic pricing tables & hike up your business. Get the price table widget for Elementor with PowerPack, the best Elementor addon.

PowerPack offers more than 50 extremely useful widgets which you can use to take Elementor to the next level.



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