Image Gallery

Elementor Image Gallery Widget

Create stunning image galleries on your elementor websites with the Elementor Image Gallery Widget of PowerPack.

The Fastest Way to Add Image Galleries on Elementor

With the fantastic styling options available in the Elementor Image Gallery Widget, you can create mesmerizing and functional image galleries on Elementor websites.
Check out the video to unlock all the features of the PowerPack Widget.

Multiple Layouts

Grid, Masonry or Justified

Build attention-grabbing image galleries with the PowerPack widget that supports the standard WordPress gallery and offers the most advanced styling and customizing options.

This PowerPack widget offers Grid, Masonry, and Justified layouts for your image galleries. Each layout is easily customized by the default options available in the widget.

Filterable Image Gallery

Elementor Image Gallery Widget offers stylish layouts for your image galleries. You can display images in a stunning gallery layout and add filters to your galleries and make it more accessible for your website visitors.

Custom Caption & Attractive Hover effects

Create an image gallery in beautiful layouts with impressive captions and attractive hover effects.

Enticing Image Effects

No need to crop and cut images. With the PowerPack Elementor Gallery Widget, you can display images in a beautiful justified gallery layout. It set each image in a perfect ratio and shows them in a precise and systematic gallery.
Flexible and Responsive Galleries

Complete Gallery Design & Content Control

Show/Hide content as per the need or display any combination of content as part of the image gallery includes the title, caption, and description.

You have the full design control over the image galleries. It gives the flexibility to alter and adjust any part of the gallery with just a single click. No additional coding skills required.

Gallery with Load More Button

Add a customized load more button to your image galleries that display additional images when clicked & provides a much better user experience.
Powerful Design Features

Create a Lightbox Image Gallery

PowerPack Elementor Gallery Widget offers a powerful designing feature: Image Lightbox.
Lightbox feature includes powerful customization options that you can use as per your requirement. Let’s see some useful options come along with the lightbox feature:

  • Lightbox Can Be Set Globally Or Individually
  • Lightbox is 100% Mobile Responsive
  • Set Custom Thumbnail Image
  • Customized Lightbox caption: Title, Caption, and Description
  • Option to disable lightbox popup preview when the inside editor

Features of Image Gallery Widget

Mobile Responsive

Create mobile responsive image galleries with all the functional features. 

Color & Typography

Set the right color & typography
for each item on
your list​​

Hover Effects

Get your galleries to draw extra attention by incorporating hover

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