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How To Schema Markup Widget for Elementor​

Create & display how-to guides, tutorials, and walk-throughs using the creative How To widget for Elementor by PowerPack.


Google Structured Data

How-to Schema Markup Widget for Elementor comes with the goodness of Google Structured Data (Schema Markup). The how-to structured data tells Google that your content is a how-to.

If each step in your content or guides is to be read in a sequence then it’s good to use How-to Schema Markup Widget.


Better Search Engine Rankings

How-to Structured data tells Google that it’s the main focus of your page and improves search engine rankings. A post or page with a structured content format tends to rank higher as compared to a regular post or page.


Increase Click-Through Rates

When a user is looking for tutorials, guides, walkthroughs, etc. The How-to page from your website is displayed as Rich Snippet in the search results.

As you can see in the screenshot on the left, it gives better content visibility and prominent positioning. This helps you conquer the search results and improve the click-through rates.


Sneak Peek

Take a look at the options available with How-to Schema Markup Widget.

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