Custom Cursor

Custom Cursor for Elementor

Enhance your visitors’ web navigation experience with PowerPack Custom Cursor Feature for Elementor. Change the default mouse cursor and display Icon, Image or Text cursor styles on your web page.

Add Stylish Icon with Image Cursor Style

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Three Interactive Mouse Cursor Styles

Custom Cursor feature includes three unique mouse cursor styles. In addition, it gives the flexibility to customize the default mouse cursor with stylish icon, attractive image, and interactive follow text without adding any code!

Wow Your Visitors with Follow Image Cursor Style

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Guide Visitors with Follow Text Cursor Style

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Change Mouse Cursor Icon in 4 Simple Steps

No need to put in any extra efforts! With the PowerPack custom cursor feature, you can customize your mouse cursor in just 4 simple steps.

  • 1. Click on the section where you want to display a custom cursor.
  • 2. Go to the Advanced Tab.
  • 3. Enable Custom Cursor Feature of PowerPack.
  • 4. Choose Your Cursor Style
  • Done!

Customize Cursor Without Adding Any Extension

Custom Cursor feature allows you to display  a customized mouse cursor without adding any third-party extension. This gives you the flexibility to customize the cursor within the website only, no need to depend on  any extension for extra cutomization.

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