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How to Create a Testimonial Carousel with Elementor

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Showcasing clients’ testimonials on your website is the most prominent way to gain trust, build credibility, and get more conversions.

If you are looking for an easy yet creative way to display testimonials on your website, you have landed on the right spot.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a testimonial slider on your Elementor websites using PowerPack Testimonials Widget.

Why Use PowerPack Testimonials Widget

PowerPack testimonials widget is loaded with advanced features and customization options that let you create beautiful testimonials sections on your page. You can design and style testimonials as per your preference.

It lets you showcase your clients’ reviews in a stylish carousel layout without adding extra code. With the PowerPack testimonial widget, you can display testimonials Carousel on any page or post without affecting your page loading speed.

Apart from advanced features and styling options, you also get multiple granular options to customize carousels. You can set Carousel moving speed, enable/disable autoplay, set navigation type, and many more…

Before we proceed to the tutorial part, let’s check out some key features of the testimonial widget:

Key Features of Testimonials Widget for Elementor

  • Multiple Layouts: Grid, Carousel, and Grid
  • Stylish Skin Types
  • Advanced Option for Slider Customization
  • Customer Rating Display
  • Extensive Styling and Customization Options

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Create Stylish Testimonial Carousel with Elementor

Now we’ll see a step-by-step process to create testimonial carousels with Elementor and PowerPack.

Adding the Elementor Testimonials Widget

Open the page in the Elementor editor, drag and drop the Testimonials Widget. Make sure to check the PP icon on the upper right corner of the widget.

Customizations in Content Tab

Now the second step is to define the content and set the layout for our testimonial. With PowerPack Testimonials Widget, you design an impressive testimonials section on your website. You can add reviewers’ names, images, positions, and even the star rating.

After adding your reviewers’ information, you need to set a layout for your testimonial section.

Since we want to display our testimonials section in the carousel layout, we’ll choose Carousel as a layout option.

With PowerPack Testimonials Widget, you can also showcase testimonials in Slideshow and Grid layout.

You need to choose the skin type for your testimonial carousel; with the PowerPack widget, you get multiple stylish skin types for your testimonials section.

On top of that, you can enable/disable Image Display, define the image position to be inline or staked, and set the image size as per your choice.

Moreover, if you want to display a Quote Icon, you can easily do that too.

Advanced Options for Slider

With PowerPack, you get advanced customization options for your testimonial carousel. You get the flexibility to set:

  • Slide per view and slides to scroll
  • Auto-play speed
  • Animation speed
  • Center mode
  • Arrow or dot navigation
  • Horizontal or vertical orientation

Customizations in Style Tab

With the styling options of the testimonials widget, you can create attractive and beautiful testimonial sections. Here you get complete control over the styling property of each element. From color to typography, you can alter everything as per your choice.

First, you can set column spacing and set background type for the testimonials section.

Also, you can highlight testimonials by adding Border to them. You can set border color, define border width, add border-radius, and box-shadow as well.

Talking about the Text part, you can alter typography, color, set font, add background color, and set position as per your liking.

For Images, you can adjust image size, add border type. Set border-radius and also add a box-shadow to the images.

If you have added star ratings on testimonials, you can style them as well. You can change color, size, adjust the spacing between the stars.

Apart from layout and text customization options, with PowerPack, you can also customize Navigation Arrows and Pagination Dots.

Get Testimonial Widget and PowerPack Now!

PowerPack Testimonial Widget is super easy to use. You get all customization options at your fingertips. Using PowerPack, you can create attractive testimonials sections on your website.

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