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Info List Widget For Elementor

Showcase your product features or highlight other information on your Elementor website with the creative Info List Widget. Create impressive lists of items with multiple customization options and functionalities using the PowerPack Addons for Elementor.

Features of Info List Widget

  • Custom Title & Description
    Add engaging titles and define descriptions to influence your prominent visitors on your WordPress sites.
  • Multiple Icon Types
    Choose from multiple icon options. Either use an icon from the icon library, set text or choose a preferred image as an icon for your info list.
  • Advanced Linking
    The Elementor Info Widget of PowerPack Addons allows you to add a link to the whole infobox, button, or title.
  • Enable Disable Connector Display
    Display connectors between each feature and create a clean info list design.
  • Multiple Styling Options
    Style every single item of your info list in terms of color, typography, background color, without adding any CSS and extra plugin.
  • Mobile Responsive
    With Info list Widget, you can create completely mobile responsive info lists designs for your websites.

Create Professional Looking Feature Section With Info List Widget

  • Info List Widget
    Display Info List On Any Page of Your Website
    Add a feature list section on any page of your website with PowerPack Addons Info List Widget. Drag and drop the widget, define features, and customize it the way you want. Display professional looking feature sections on your website without writing or adding any code.
  • Info List Widget
    Create Feature List With Title, Description, Icons, and CTA Button
    Create your info lists with all customized content. Define Title, add Description, choose an icon, and add a call to action button for easy navigation.
  • Info List Widget
    Different Icon Styles
    No need to settle with simple-looking icons. With Info List Widget, you can add some attractive icon styles to your feature lists. You can set the image as an icon for your lists. You have complete flexibility to define Text & set it as an Icon. Moreover, if you want to go simple, you can choose icons from the icon library.
  • 04
    Spacing & Alignment
    Take control of spacing & alignment controls and create a clean info list design with Info List Widget.

Why Choose us?

Create a Detailed List of your Products’ Features with Info List Widget.

    Display your product info with a detailed description & stylish icon.
    Display your product info with detailed description & stylish icon.
    Display your product info with a detailed description & stylish icon.

Why Choose Elementor Info List Widget?

  • Easy to use
    Easy to use
  • Light weight
    Light weight
  • Multiple Features
    Multiple Features
  • Extensive Support
    Extensive Support

Create A Easy Step-by-Step Guide

Food At Your Doorstep In Just Simple Steps.

  • Step 1 Search For A Restaurant
    Go to our food website and search for a restaurant, for searching; you can use the search icon displaying on the header.
  • Step 2 Go To Your Favorite Dish
    Go through the menu and check your favorite dish.
  • Step 3 Check Ratings
    Now check ratings and user reviews
  • Step 4
    Order your food in just one simple click.

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