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Elementor Google Maps Widget​

Use the Elementor Google maps widget to embed Google map on your elementor website with multiple locations, custom markers, impressive skin layouts, and limitless styling features.

Stylish Maps Theme

PowerPack Google Maps Widget for Elementor comes with stylish map themes that you can use on your website. As per trending nowadays, you can choose the Dark Theme for your map, or you can choose a stylish Abugerine theme for your website.

Multiple Locations With A Custom Marker

Elementor Google Maps Widget by PowerPack allows you to add multiple locations on a single map with a custom marker and customized address infobox. It gives you full control over the styling of the infobox. You can alter the overall design and typography of the infobox as per your requirement.

Style Elementor Google Maps with Snazzy Maps

Create an interactive map style with Google Maps Widget & Snazzy Maps. This widget allows you to add JSON code for customizing and adding several design templates that perfectly match your brand and style.

Map With Street View & Zoom Control

PowerPack Google Maps Widgets provides a user interface with default controls to let users interact with the map. It gives the flexibility to increase and decrease the zoom level of the map. Also, it offers pegman icon. Use this icon to get a street view of a particular location.

Custom Map Styles for Google Maps

Google Maps Widget offers you four prebuilt maps type. You can select the sort of map you want on your website from these four choices. Hybrid, Satellite, Terrain, Roadmap.

Satellite Map

Road Map

Terrain Map

Responsive Maps With All Functional Features

With the customizations option available in the Elementor Google Map widgets, you can create a map that works flawlessly on any device.

Extensive Styling Options

Customize Google Map with the most advanced styling option

Mobile Responsive

Build a map that look perfect on any type of device

User-Friendly Interference

Add amazing Google Map User-Friendly Interference


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