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Elementor WP Fluent Forms Widget​

Style WP Fluent Forms and enhance its look with the creative WP Fluent Form widget by PowerPack.

Easy To Customize Spacing & Layout

Build stylish contact forms using advanced layout & spacing options of WP Fluent Forms Widget.

Build Stylish Forms Using Color & Typography Options

WP Fluent Forms widget for Elementor includes multiple options to alter color and typography for each field on your form. You can style the overall text content of the form as per your choice.

Styling Options For Radio & Checkbox Button

Style radio and checkbox button with multiple styling options available with the PowerPack widget. 

Goodbye To Boring Input Form Fields

WP Fluent Forms Elementor Widget by PowerPack comes with limitless styling options for Input fields. It allows you to choose background & text color for input area. If you want you can also border to highlight input box. 
To make it more exciting you can also add a little shadow to the input box.

Customize Form Title & Description to Create Attractive Headline

Customizing form title & description on front-end is easy with WP Fluent Form widget. You can easily add custom title & description along with the impressive typography & styling options.

Error Messages ​& Notices Styling

Designing a contact form with customized error messages has never been simpler. Elementor WP Fluent Forms widget includes an option to show or hide error messages as per your choice.
Additionally, the styling options give you full flexibility to design and customize error messages for your users.

Impressive Styling Options For Submit Button

You can easily customized form submit button with the customization options available with PowerPack.

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