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Showcase Widget for Elementor​

Build a creative display of Images, Videos, and Posts on your WordPress websites with
the Showcase Widget for Elementor by PowerPack Addons.

The First-Ever Content Showcase Widget For Elementor

Bringing a new and creative way to showcase content on Elementor websites.

Off-Canvas Content

Off canvas content widget for Elementor.

Magic Wand

Cross Domain Copy Paste functionality for Elementor

Off Canvas Menu

Advanced menu widget for Elementor.

Supports Multiple Content Sources

Build showcases with multiple content types. PowerPack Addons Showcase Widget supports multiple sources for content display on your WordPress websites.

Display an Attractive Blog Posts Showcase

Display blog posts in an attractive showcase and define Advanced Custom Query as per content needs.

Create Images & Video Showcases

Build custom showcases and highlight Images, Videos on your WordPress websites with the Showcase Widget.

Showcase With Scrollable Navigation

A scrollable navigation option for an easy user interface.

Showcase Widget Powerpack
Dual Pricing Elementor
Countdown Timer Elementor
Dual Pricing Elementor

White Label Branding

Rename and maintain personal and agency branding

Variable Pricing Table

Pricing Tables with Multiple Durations and Varied Pricing

Countdown Timer Widget

Create timers for flash sales, timed offers, and more.

Variable Pricing Table

Pricing Tables with Multiple Durations and Varied Pricing

Advanced Navigation Controls

Get advanced navigation controls for your content showcase with the PowerPack Addons Showcase Widget. You get the flexibility to add an Icon or Image for showcase navigation.

Also, if you want to hide the Title and Description of the showcase, you can do it as well.

Position & Alignment Controls

Get complete control over the position and alignment of the showcase preview. Display it on, Left, Right, Top, or Bottom of navigation without wrangling with any custom code and installing additional plugins.

Advanced Showcase Widget Options

More advanced options to create seamless and beautiful content showcases with Elementor.

Slide & Fade Effects

Add Slide or Fade Effect and create an eye-catchy showcase.

Pagination Choices

Enable Arrow, Dots, or Both pagination options for easy navigation.

Position & Alignment

Take complete control over each elements position & alignment.

Background & Border

Add a custom background and apply borders as per your choice.

Color & Typography

Customize color & typography to create impressive showcases design.

Mobile Responsive

Build a completely responsive content showcase design with PowerPack.

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