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Advanced Menu

Elementor Advanced Menu Widget

Meet the Elementor Advanced Menu widget loaded with easy-to-use options and extensive customization controls. Create advanced WordPress menus with Elementor Menu widget. Complete control over styling for every element along with various menu layouts.

Full Screen Overlay

Full-Screen Overlay Elementor Menu for a Minimal Style

Minimal menu and header styles are in-trend. A lot of websites these days prefer to keep a simple navigation toggle icon which loads up a full-screen menu. Full-screen menus are good for small websites with a few pages and minimal design. You can create navigation menus with beautiful styles, semi-transparent or solid backgrounds, large text, a sleek close button and more!

Off Canvas Menu

Build Stunning Off-Canvas Elementor Menus

Do you have a website with lot of pages and navigation links but want to keep the header design sleek? Yes, we have all been there! Off-canvas menu layout with Elementor Menu widget is the perfect solution for such designs.
You can use the off-canvas menu for both minimal and complex designs. It keeps the navigation hidden and displays it in a sleek panel when the menu icon is clicked. Elementor off-canvas menu layout also comes with animation options to jazz up your website’s design and style. It’s time to get creative.

Beautiful Navigation

Create Beautiful Navigation Menus for your Elementor Website

Navigation Menus are an important aspect of every website as they allow users to easily browse through the content. Creating a WordPress menu with beautiful style is now super easy with Elementor menu widget. From minimal designs to complex ones, we have got you covered.

Pointer Styles & Animations

Interactive Elementor Menu with Pointer Styles & Animations

Adding hover styles for navigation item is important for interactive behavior. Hover effects make it easy for users to navigate the links. So, the widget provides multiple hover effect styles that you can choose from: 

  • Underline Animations
  • Overline Animations
  • Double Line Animations
  • Framed Animations
  • Background Animations

Various Styling Options

Typography, Background, Color options to Create Beautiful Menus

By customizing typography, background, color options you can create beautiful menus in a matter of minutes and a few clicks. Elementor Menu widget offers several styling options for almost every element of the menu. So, you can create minimal menus, transparent, semi-transparent, full-width, light, dark, almost any kind of menu!

Spacing & Alignment

Take Control of Spacing & Alignment for Navigation Menus

We understand how important it is to have good control over spacing and alignment. A beautiful design pays attention to details. So, we have taken care of this by adding controls for spacing and alignment in Elementor Menu widget.
You can bring your designs to life with these spacing and alignment controls along with several other styling options in the menu widget. Some of the features are:

  • Horizontal padding for every element of the menu and submenu
  • Vertical padding for every element of the menu and submenu
  • Space between the menu items

Better Submenu Styling

Sub-menu styling Options for Better Styling Controls

Let’s accept the fact that sub-menus usually do not get the attention it deserves. Why? Because it’s painful to control the styling for sub-menu elements. Not now. Elementor menu widget comes loaded with styling options for sub-menu elements as well. You can adjust colors, typography, background, etc. and even add a separator/ divider style.

Responsive Control

Build Completely Mobile Responsive Elementor Menus

The world is going mobile! We want our websites to look beautiful on all devices from desktop to mobile. So, why not build menus that are easy to navigate on mobile devices? Elementor Menu widget allows you to customize the styling for all device sizes and create accessible menus. You can also define custom breakpoint, adjust it to full-width, and select between icon or icon + text for the menu toggle actions. Here’s a quick overview of the options

  • Custom Breakpoint
  • Full-width option
  • Vertical or Expanded menus
  • Menu & Toggle Icon Alignment
  • Toggle Button Design options

Evergreen Horizontal Menu Layout for every Elementor Website

Most of the websites use a standard horizontal menu in a fixed-width or full-width fashion. Elementor Menu widget can be used to turn these boring standard horizontal menu layout to a beautiful navigation menu with styling options and animations.

Create Unique Layouts with Vertical Menus

Designers can get creative with their website designs and so, we have got you covered with this special Vertical Menu layout.
You can use the Menu widget to create simple and advanced vertical menu layouts.

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