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Elementor Formidable Forms Widget​

Formidable Forms is one of the most powerful WordPress form builder plugins but has some design limitations. PowerPack Addons forms Widget for Elementor lets you design formidable forms with impressive styling options and customize the form the way you want.

Advanced Layout and Spacing Options

Easily manage spacing between form fields & get full control over the layout of the contact from with Formidable Form Widget.

Build a Form that Perfectly Matches Websites' Look

Typography & color option of widget lets you design the impressive contact forms on your websites.

Customize Radio and Checkbox Button

Formidable Form Widget of POwerPack Addons is loaded with limitless styling features, allowing you to style every single aspect of the form.

Customize Input Field Area Easily

Styling form with the PowerPack widget is super easy. No additional coding skills are required! Just a few clicks and you’re good to go.

Options To Style Form Title & Description

Customize Title & Description on front-end with Elementor Formidable Form Widget.

Customize Error Messages with Elementor Formidable Forms Widget

Choose the color, alter typography, and many more styling options for error messages with PowerPack Formidable Form Styler.

Customization Options For Submit Button

With Elementor Formidable Forms Widget, you can also style the submit button of the Formidable form plugin. 

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