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PowerPack Brand Assets

Official PowerPack Logos, Colors, and Banners for use on your website.

PowerPack for Elementor Logo

This logo is our Brand Identity. All these files are in PNG format with transparent background. Make sure you download them in full resolution.
Default Logo 600X127
Mono Black Logo 600X127
Mono White Logo 600X127
Default Icon 600X600
Mono Black Icon 600X600
Mono White Icon 600X600

Color Palette and Fonts

Here are the official PowerPack colors, typeface, and font we use for all our marketing materials.
#4445D2 / #E1144D

Proxima Soft Normal

Proxima Soft Bold

Spelling the word “PowerPack”

We suppose there are many ways to spell “PowerPack”. It’s not Powerpack, or powerpack, just simply “PowerPack”. Both P’s are capital.





Power Pack

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